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Last Updated on
March 24, 2023

Software agreements are unique and require specific knowledge of the industry

Mr. Kurtz has experience working as In-House Counsel for technology and software companies and knows the nuances and intricacies of the industry extremely well. Software agreements are unique and require specific knowledge of the industry and the rapidly changing trends that exist. Our firm is up to date with all current industry standards in contracts, compliance, privacy and data laws, including GDPR and the CCPA. Kurtz Law Firm has assisted technology and software entrepreneurs and companies in a plethora of ways.

From reviewing a single SaaS agreement, to serving as General Counsel on all contract and employment matters through our General Counsels Program, we have the experience and ability to immediately assist in all areas of the technology and software industry.

Some of our work experience in the technology and software industries include:

  • Drafting and negotiating Software as a Service (SaaS) agreements
  • Negotiating complex technology transactions for software integration, development, and application
  • Draft and review Confidentiality, Non-circumvention, Non-Disclosure and Mutual Non-Disclosure agreements for technology products and companies
  • Draft and review Data Protection Agreements for customer and company data
  • Draft and review agreements for GDPR and CCPA
  • Create and develop compliance policies for new privacy laws in EEU, Brazil, California, New York
  • Review and create Privacy Policies
  • Draft and review Employee Handbooks and other employment and HR documents
  • Create disclaimers for websites collecting visitor or customer data through cookies
  • Work with sales teams and senior management to negotiate deals from start to finish
  • Effectively communicate with outside counsel to coordinate legal matters
  • Draft and review agreements for entrepreneurs in the sneaker industry with application developers, website developers, podcasts and sponsors.
  • Create training modules for sales and business teams on contract and IP basics
  • Develop contract templates for continued use by business
  • Counsel employees and advise company on HR complaints
  • Draft and review Statement of Works (SOW) for services to go with technology products purchased
  • Review Purchase Order (PO) terms and click through agreements
  • Counsel companies on data storage, server locations, and data collection
  • Negotiate agreements with procurement offices for Universities, Hospitals and the US Federal Government
  • Familiar with GSA contracts
  • Review of loan agreements and real estate related agreements for technology and software development and licensure
  • Draft and review escrow agreements

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