Sneaker & Streetwear Law

Last Updated on
March 24, 2023

We are one of the first firms to specialize in helping clients in the sneaker and streetwear industries

Mr. Kurtz, or as others call him, The Sneaker Attorney™, has been passionate about sneakers his entire life and has been heavily involved in the industry from many different legal and business perspectives. Mr. Kurtz’s first big win after law school was a trademark infringement case against one of the global leaders in the sneaker industry. Since then, he has been a pioneer in the sneaker law industry, educating and helping small and large brands and individual designers create companies while protecting and maximizing their intellectual property. Mr. Kurtz has worked with sneaker and streetwear influencers, physical and online sneaker stores, sneaker agencies, resellers, global brands, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, sneaker customizers, sneaker designers, Add to Cart (ATC) services and bots.

Sneaker and Streetwear Law is comprised of many different legal areas, such as Trademarks, Contracts, Copyrights, Privacy Law, Online Data Security, Technology and Employment Law.  Sneaker Law Firm is always on top of the latest releases, trends, technology and nuances in the streetwear and sneaker industries and how the law applies to those areas.

Some of the Streetwear Law areas that our firm has assisted client with are listed below.

  • Trademark registration and renewals in the USA
  • Trademark registration and enforcement globally
  • Trademark and brand protection and monitoring
  • Trademark and brand enforcement and settlements
  • Cease & Desist letter drafting and responding
  • Negotiating licensing agreements for trademarks and copyrights
  • Copyright filing and counseling for artists and sneaker designers
  • Brand consulting and management
  • HR and employment matters
  • Breach of contract for custom shoes
  • In-house General Counsel for your small business or brand to ask any legal Qs
  • Draft employment and independent contractor agreements for brands
  • Trademark and Copyright violations on facebook, Instagram, YouTube and online
  • DMCA Take Down requests
  • Data breach business continuity planning
  • Developing brand guidelines for internal and external usage
  • Teaching sales and business teams about Intellectual Property (IP) and infringement
  • Educating students and lawyers about sports and sneaker legal issues
  • Review, draft and negotiate Influencer Agreements
  • Negotiate and draft Agent Agreements for Influencers and Influencers Agencies
  • Debt collection for unpaid contract fees
  • Settlement negotiations for contract disputes
  • Review and negotiate collaborations between brands for limited release products
  • Organize events for pop-up shops with brands, influencers and event spaces
  • Property insurance claims for sneaker stores from looting and natural disasters
  • NDA and MNDA drafting, reviewing, and negotiating for new hires, products or businesses
  • Negotiate and renegotiate leases with landlords for sneaker stores during COVID-19
  • Form corporate entities and advise on business and legal areas
  • Assignment Agreements of contracts or IP
  • Develop company IP programs to proactively monitor and enforce all IP globally
  • Develop internal brand protection and enforcement policies

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