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Last Updated on
March 24, 2023

Providing legal services to all sectors of the esports and gaming industry

Is esports law a thing? Sports and the law are certainly ever closely connected. Mass audiences, revenue growth, and international reach have demanded it. Major leagues have gone from virtually giving away local broadcast rights to devising sophisticated global cross-media licensing cycles, the bigger clubs are now major corporate brands and superstar players have the earning power of true A-listers. The rewards are huge but the risks are there too and that’s where the law has come in. Contracts, claims, and culpability are inescapable.

The internet and global economy have brought the world together and created a strong competitive esports market that requires technical legal assistance. We’ve worked with players, organizations, product developers, influencers, content creators, media and marketing companies, tournament providers and investors on a variety of matters.

Some of our work in esports includes:

  • Draft and review Data Protection Agreements and Privacy Policies for sales teams and vendors
  • Negotiate contracts with Sponsors and Agents
  • Create Disaster Recovery Business Continuity plans
  • Legal review of copyright and trademark areas in user interfaces and apps
  • Legal review of sports gambling and fantasy sports sectors
  • Contract drafting and negotiating for online fantasy leagues
  • Fantasy sports league investment funding and promoting
  • Draft website and mobile application Terms of Use
  • Draft website and mobile application Privacy Policies

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